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Barrier Mowers

The Multihog's barrier mower allows for an agile and safe simultaneous cut around posts and underneath motorway barriers quickly from inside the safety of the cab.

Barrier Mowers

The Multihog’s barrier mower delivers an automatically accurate cut under and around highway barriers whilst also achieving a flail cut on roadside verges.

Traditional strimming gangs can be slow, unsafe and inefficient whereas the Multihog will work through 3km of mowing per hour.


Cutting reach 2500mm
Undercutting height 180mm
Rear 7403 sign integration Yes
Automated barrier detection system Yes
Average mowing output 3kmph
Cutting travel speed 2mph

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model



Clearance of long stretches of carriageway and around obstacles such as motorway barriers, street lights and signs can be cut at a rate of 3kmph. Barrier mowing and roadside verge cutting can be simultaneously undertaken to significantly improve operational performance and reduce costs.


As well as improving cutting rates with the barrier mower itself, you can switch to other mower attachments within a couple of minutes such as rotary, cylinder, flail deck and flail arm mowers using the same Multihog machine. Patented tilting work station with adjustable air-suspension seats allows a 20° tilt left or right for better comfort on all terrains. Each machine has an exceptionally low centre of gravity empowering performance on steep slopes and gradients.


The rear mounted 7403 sign provides traffic management protection and 360° visibility from the cab ensures a clear-cut view unlike some similar attachments fitted to traditional tractor units. HAVS is eliminated by removing the need to manually strim and the driver is protected from noise and threat of collision within the safe confines of the durable cab.


Operators can take advantage of the simple joystick and automatic touch control systems to adapt to the contours of the terrain whilst the mower maintains continuous distance control to the guard rail. The compact design also allows for the entire attachment to hydraulically fold up without impeding the operator’s view when in transit.

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