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French drain harrows

Bespoke Multihog solution designed to regenerate stone drainage systems that have been compacted and blocked as a result of close proximity to the highway.

French drain harrows

The French Drain Harrow uses vibrations to lift and loosen material built up within the stones of a french drain, with the attachment designed in such a way that the Multihog is able to plough through the drain with minimal effort to unblock compacted stones and loosen built up debris from the highway.

This application reduces the costs associated with full scale cleaning or digging operations whilst minimising disruption to the network because the Multihog can work within the hard-shoulder.


Vibratory head width 810mm (variable)
Vibratory unit power 2500 rpm
Regeneration depth 180mm (variable)
Weight 560kg
In-cab operation Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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