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Manhole cutters

Creates a seamless circular cut around manholes without the need for any manual tools offering increased safety, efficiency and productivity.

Manhole cutters

Cutting is completed within a couple of minutesĀ as a result of the hydraulic performance of the Multihog so the entire exchange is fast and inexpensive whilst long-term tests over two years demonstrated no damage of any type caused by subsidence in the surrounding areas.

The circular saw can cut up to a depth of 300mm and is available in a range of different diameters to suit your requirements and is designed to reduce disruption due to increased productivity and the eradication of manual cutting tools makes this a much safer solution.


Max cutting depth 300mm
Cutting diameters 400-1420mm
In-cab joystick control Yes
Dust Suppression system Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model



Unlike handheld tools no difficulties arise from contact with gravel or rocks as a result of the robust attachment and powerful performance, ensuring quick hassle-free operations. Jobs can be completed faster and more cost-effectively, removing the burden on your margins in aggressively priced areas, to provide the extra edge over rivals.

Travel from job to job

Every Multihog machine is road legal and can safely and speedily travel on the highway up to 40km/ph to reduce additional vehicle transport costs whilst keeping in front of the following reinstatement team.

Green & Efficient

Unlike conventional practices, you remove only what is required around the manhole: the surrounding asphalt is unaffected, keeping refill costs and additional waste to a minimum. Because the machine is road legal the cost of additional transportation vehicles is eradicated and the emissions reduced as a result.

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