Patch Planer

The Multihog and planer attachment combination is renowned to productively plane asphalt, cement and other hard surfaces consistently with precision.

Patch Planer

The Multihog is a popular tool carrier in the UK for pothole, patching and pre-surface patching applications having won numerous best practice accolades.

This is because the Multihog method for road repairs maximises productivity, efficiency and safety to reduce costs whilst improving permanent repair outputs.


Planing widths 300-600mm
Cutting depths 0-80/125mm
Dust Suppression Yes
Hydraulic side-shift Yes
Hydraulic tilt Yes
Hydraulic depth adjustment Yes
Max daily output 750m²

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model



Every Multihog machine is road legal and can safely and speedily travel on the highway up to 40km/ph to reduce additional vehicle transport costs whilst keeping in front of the following reinstatement team to plane and sweep before the gang arrive. Each machine can travel to site with the planer mounted to the front whilst towing additional attachments, such as our sweeper for instance, to improve efficiency as a single machine patching solution.


The articulated pivot steer design and compact chassis allows operators to carry out a squared off ‘cross cut’ finish in tight spaces within a single carriageway to reduce traffic management and network disturbance. Because the Multihog’s articulation pivots up and down as well as left and right it can work on, off or in-between both the pavement and road to make the most of the space.


The weight of the Multihog and heavy-duty planer combined with the machines’ powerful hydraulics produces an unrivalled and unrestricted planing performance whilst eliminating bounce to create a consistent flatly cut finish. Productivity allows for less disruption, usually enabling you to do more repairs for less and it is not uncommon for operators to achieve 400-650m² per day. Even if work is limited this enables organisations to utilise the machine for other jobs throughout the rest of the day to minimise downtime.


The Multihog empowers you to repair more roads for less as well as working on harder surfaces such as concrete or HRA. This fix-first-time approach enables most of our customers to save around 30% per m² as a minimum with no more repeat visits. Costs can be recouped on the recyclable leftover asphalt material which can be used for type one granular subbase whilst savings are also achieved through less traffic management, equipment and transportation vehicles.


Unlike most machines, the Multihog can work within larger planned works as well as reactive pothole repair gangs to reduce the need for a range of different planers. Switching from the planer to the sweeper attachment or a snow plough or salt spreader, for that matter, only takes a couple of minutes due to the quick release mechanism requiring no manual or mechanical work.


All the planer functions are controlled from within the comfortable 360° cab, with hydraulic side-shift, tilt and depth adjustment eradicating the need for jackhammers and HAVS. A rear mounted water tank and dust-suppression system can feed water to the planer drum to prevent silica dust issues and helps preserve the lifespan and performance of the cutting teeth.

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