multevo 2020

Sanitation Solution

This re-demountable sanitation attachment has been designed to disinfect outdoor spaces in a simple and efficient manner, and is compatible with existing Multihog models such as the CX 75

Sanitation Solution

A low level rear spray bar with multiple nozzles ensures that streets, Pavements, car parks and pedestrian areas are thoroughly decontaminated. It has a 20 meter hose reel and a 10 meter hand lance for sanitising inaccessible areas.

The hand lance is ideal for disinfecting bus shelters, handrails, bins etc. The Hand lance features a control for frequency and strength of disinfectant spray.

The water tank capacity can vary from 500-4000 litres and features a mixing system for diluting chemical disinfection’s.



Water Tank Capacity 500-4000 litres
Inspection folding Ladder Yes
Foldable & height adjustable spray bar Yes
Parking Support Yes
Connection for a 12v battery Yes
De-mountable system Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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