multevo 2020

Scrubber Deck

The scrubber deck is capable of cleansing up to 5500m2 per hour and it's compact size makes it the ideal solution for cleansing public spaces.

Scrubber Deck

Compatible with the Multihog CV, the dedicated scrubber deck is ideal for cleaning large flat surfaces such as city centres, paths, car parks and streets, featuring triangular brush plates for effectively cleansing hard to reach areas such as corners and around columns.

With adjustable surface pressure and automated detergent dosing, the scrubber deck is efficient at cleansing heavily soiled surfaces to keep public spaces looking pristine. All waste water is collected into a rear mounted hopper via the wide suction head on the Multihog CV.


Operational speed 0.5 - 4 km/ph
Working width 1400 mm
Cleaning output 700 - 5500 m2/ph
Integrated detergent tank Yes
Detergent tank capacity 35 l
Fresh water tank capacity 200 l

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific machine model

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