multevo 2020


The Multihog's V Blade attachment provides the ideal solution for maximising accessibility for snow clearing in very narrow areas whilst the in-cab controls enables blade adjustment according to the environment.


This 2-blade snow plough creates a wedge effect that automatically reacts to obstacles and readjusts the plough into the snow clearing position upon contact to minimise risk of collision damage.

The V snow plough is hydraulically controlled from within the Multihog cab to tilt and lift and can pivot at a 30° angle for greater access and snow clearance control.


Snow plough working width 1100-2600mm
Independent hydraulic snow blades Yes
Blade build material High grade steel
Lateral floating system Yes
Hydraulic blade lift, tilt & angle Yes
Abrasion proof sliding blocks Yes
Hydraulic blade lift, tilt & angle 30°
In-cab joystick control Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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