multevo 2020


This robust brush sweeper and bucket collector attachment makes for a quick and easy clean sweep when combined with the articulated and compact build of the Multihog.


The in-cab controls empowers operators to accurately control the sweeper swivelling mechanism, brush angling and sweeping speed and power in addition to the water spray system feed for dust suppression on site to ensure a clean sweep every time whilst the roller levelling system and Multihog float provides consistency with the surface.

The attachment’s collector bucket can be removed transforming the machine into a snow clearing machine for snow brushing during winter whilst the side brushes can also be switched for steel wire brushes for weed control and cleaning kerb edges using the same machine and attachment.


Brush width 2300mm (variable)
Collector bucket capacity 430 litres
Brush diameter 660mm
Rotary side brush Yes
Water tank capacity 200 litres
Dust suppression system Yes
Roller Levelling systems Yes
In-cab hydraulic control Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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