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Identification of Invasive & Injurious Species Training

Assessment Type
A mix of training and assessment.
Delivery Method
Classroom and practical demonstration
2 Days
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Completing this dedicated course will provide you with the knowledge and experience to complete our Level 2 Award in the Identification of Invasive and Injurious Species.

Overview in brief

Our course has been developed in direct response to the need to control and eradicate non-native invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed.

If you are looking to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the control and management of non-native invasive and injurious species, then our course is for you. Once you’ve successfully completed this course you’ll receive a certificate of competence.

The finer details

Our course is a mix of training and assessment. Our expert instructors will enhance your ability to work safely, effectively and efficiently in the workplace; reducing unnecessary risks to yourself and others. The Sessions you’ll also cover include:

  • Legislation
  • Definition of Invasive Non-Native and Native Species
  • Threats Posed by Invasive Species
  • Identification of Invasive Plant Species
  • Identification of Invasive Non-Native Insects
  • Identification of Invasive Non-Native Vertebrates
  • Actions to Take When Invasive Non-Natives Are Identified
  • Definition and Identification of Injurious Species
  • Identification of Injurious Insect and Reptile Species
  • Actions to be Taken when Injurious Species are Identified
  • Legislative Control of Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia) Species
  • Code of Practice and Industry Guidance for the Control of Fallopia Species
  • Adverse Impacts of Fallopia Species
  • Identification of Fallopia and Similar Species
  • Recommended Methods to Control Fallopia Species
  • Requirement for Monitoring and Further Treatments for Subsequent Regeneration
  • Requirement for Keeping Records.

Who should attend?

Our course is suitable for a variety of roles in the control and management of non-native invasive and injurious species.

The training is also suitable for anyone looking to progress in completing our Level 2 Award in the Identification of Invasive and Injurious Species.

What will be covered?

Our course will increase your knowledge and understanding of:

  • The terms ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ species
  • Threats posed by invasive species
  • Identifying invasive plant species
  • The term ‘injurious’ species
  • Identifying injurious plant species
  • Identifying injurious species of insect
  • Actions to take when injurious species are identified and if people are affected by them
  • Legislative requirements, Code of Practice and Industry Guidance relating to the control of Japanese knotweed
  • The impact of Japanese knotweed
  • Identifying Japanese knotweed and the plants which are commonly mistaken for Japanese knotweed
  • Recommended methods to control Japanese knotweed in different situations
  • Requirements to monitor and further treat any subsequent regeneration
  • Records which must be kept when controlling Japanese knotweed.

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