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Patch Planer Familiarisation Programme

Assessment Type
This Programme carries no assessment
Delivery Method
Practical Instruction
Optional (Full days only)
Course Pre-Requisites
A minimum of 40 hours Multihog Operator experience plus a full UK Driving Licence.
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**It must be noted that this is not a training course and carries no qualification. This programme is designed to give practical instruction only. The instructor will not be delivering any Health & Safety knowledge or Safe Operating practices. Multevo also strongly advise that all who attend this Familiarisation programme should have previously gained the LANTRA Multihog Operator Basic certification **


The Patch Planer Familiarisation programme has been designed to give operators some instruction on the best ways to operate a Multihog vehicle & along with the Patch Planer.

Overview in brief

The Familiarisation programme has been designed to give operators (previously qualified to LANTRA Multihog Operator Basic programme standards) the basic practical skills required to operate the machine & Patch Planer in a working environment.

The finer details

The attendees of this programme will be instructed in the following areas

  • The applications of the Multihog vehicle & Patch Planer under normal working conditions.
  • The knowledge and experience (dependant on the length of the programme which is requested by the customer) of the Patch Planer manoeuvrability & productivity.
  • Instruction as to the daily care of the vehicle & Planer.
  • Becoming familiar with the correct loading & unloading of the attachments onto the Multihog Vehicle.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is required to operate the Multihog range of vehicles or anyone involved with maintaining the equipment and/or changing the vehicles attachments.

What will be covered?

  • How to make the best use of the Multihog vehicle & Patch Planer
  • Instruction on how to best operate the Multihog Vehicle & Patch Planer
  • The operation of the vehicle & the interface with the Patch Planer.
  • Daily operator checks for the MH90 machine & the Patch Planer
  • Practical instruction on how to set up & use the Multihog & Patch Planer

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