Multevo have developed the first ever ultra-low emission multi-functional highway maintenance machine featuring innovative Dual Fuel Technology – HVO & Hydrogen.

The equipment delivers intensive high-performance highways, grounds, vegetation and winter maintenance applications whilst displacing diesel by up to 95% making a significant contribution to Co2 savings and reducing city pollution in real world operations.


Width 1960mm
Height 2400mm
Length 3400mm
Unladen Weight 3290kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 6000kg
Engine Stage V Dual Fuel Hydrogen Engine, 75HP
Max Hydaulic Flow 120 litres per minute
PTO Load-sensing hydraulics front and rear
Drive Patented 'sure drive' 4-wheel drive (2 stage differential lock)
Operating Licence Standard UK DVLA Driving Licence
Articulation Same track pivot steer (articulation left and right + up and down)
Road Registered Speed 40km/ph (2 speed drive transmission)
Turning Circle 3000mm

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