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Multihog CX 55

The compact CX 55 is the most light, narrow and shortest Multihog model designed with same track pivot steer, four-wheel drive with spring suspension, a 55HP engine and robust ROPS tested cab.

The versatile CX accepts hydraulic and mechanically driven PTO attachments by way of a three-point linkage, enabling users to mount existing tractor attachments and has a powerful hydraulic output of up to 100 litres per minute for its small size.


Width 1150-1560mm
Height 1980-2040mm
Length 3490mm
Unladen weight 1950-2300kg
Gross vehicle weight 3000kg
Engine 55HP Kohler, Diesel (Tier IV Final)
Max hydraulic flow 100 litres per minute
PTO Load-sensing hydraulics and mechanical front and rear PTO
Drive Patented ‘sure drive’ 4-wheel drive (2 stage differential lock)
Operating License Standard UK DVLA Driving License
Articulation Pivot steer (articulation left and right + up and down)
Road Registered Speed 40km/ph (2 speed drive transmission)
Turning Circle 2663-2863mm
Suspension Fully spring-loaded suspension

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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Get in the hot seat – see what the cab, controls and machine feels like.

When looking at the Multihog’s winter capabilities, the CX’s impressive gross vehicle weight of 4000kg and rear axle capacity of 2500kg allows the machine to be mounted with a stainless steel 1000l de-icer attachment which is in-cab controlled, allowing regulated and precise spread rates. Likewise, with the attachment directly mounted to the rear of the Multihog, there would be no manoeuvrability issues previously posed by the tow behind setup.

London Highways Alliance Contract (LoHAC), Transport for London

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