Celebrating 50 years of engineering Bauman have a long and distinguished history of machine building, but it is the PaxLift that will transform travel for millions of passengers.

The PaxLift is an innovative, purpose built vehicle that ensures all people with reduced mobility can be transferred with dignity between the terminal and the aircraft, revolutionising the customer airport experience for them.

Lifting from ground level to 8 meters, the award-winning PaxLift is purpose built to carry up to six wheelchair passengers’ plus six additional passengers; the passenger cabin can be accessed at ground level, so no need for any separate lifting, improving speed and comfort. The driver and passengers are able to see one another, creating a more personal less ‘cargo’ like experience.

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  • Driving speed up to 30km/h
  • Climbing power = 12%
  • Turning radius of less than 8 meters
  • Seamless lifting process, without any jerky movements or lateral movements of the passenger cabin
  • Nato-socket for external power supply
  • Lifting equipment designed to guarantee operations with wind conditions of 100km/h
  • Purpose-built and patented lifting columns without chains
  • Laser point indication on aircraft fuselage
  • Laser measuring system for distance to aircraft with display in cabin


  • Automatic speed reduction to 2 km/h in the lifting mode
  • PLC system for failure diagnose
  • Fire extinguisher (dry- powder) and first aid kit
  • Emergency shut-off with four buttons
  • Wide angle camera and video system with four cameras for monitoring the operations
  • Door locking system for lifting operations
  • Automatic vehicle stop for approaching the aircraft
  • Passenger cabin with fixation rails on the bottom for wheelchairs, 6 foldable seats sidewise, one fire extinguisher and first aid kit, white ceiling lights for embarking/disembarking, green ceiling lights for driving, one white light for driver’s stand


  • EU machinery directive 2006/42/EG
  • EN 1915 part 1, 2, 3 and 4 for aircraft ground support equipment
  • EN 12312-14 Aircraft ground support equipment – Specific requirements
    – Part 14: Disabled/ incapacitated passenger boarding vehicles
  • Relevant IATA AHMs, specifically: AHM 909, Summary of Unit Load, AHM 910 Basic requirements for aircraft ground support equipment, AHM 911 Requirements for Compatibility with Aircraft Unit Load Devices, AHM 913 Basic safety requirements for aircraft ground support equipment, AHM 921r Boarding/ De-Boarding Vehicle for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM), AHM 923 Elevating Passenger Transfer Vehicle


Bauman’s expertise and experience of manufacturing heavy lifting equipment, ensures that unlike other Ambulifts, the PaxLift can manoeuver safely whilst at serviceable heights of up to 8 meters.

And in response to the latest Airport Handling Manual (AHM) from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), stating that all GSE machinery is to have a no-touch policy, PaxLift has become one of the first Ambulifts with a no-touch system ensuring that it is not required to come into contact with the aircraft it supports.

The new system comprises of four sensors, which control the approach to the aircraft and stops the PaxLift once it reaches a safe position. An automatic swivelling system for the platform has been integrated, and functions without the need to touch the aircraft.

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