Hot Water Weed Control

Hot water weed control requires fewer treatments, absolutely no additives to kill weeds and is significantly less £/m² in comparison to all other alternatives.

Europe’s most established

Waterkracht’s Boiling Hot water Technique® is the most effective and efficient method for delivering hot water at low pressure consistently at 98°C to kill the root.

Waterkacht has over 45 years’ experience working with water and was one of the first companies in the world to manufacture thermal weed control equipment in the early1990s. Nowadays, hot water weed control machines made by Waterkracht are the most proven and popular throughout Europe.

Make it Multevo

All our solutions use nothing but 100% hot water to kill weeds and can also be used for additional applications such as chewing gum and graffiti removal as well as high pressure cleaning, jetting and pumping to maximise your return.

Our team first launched hot water weed killing equipment in the UK in March 2015 and Multevo can be considered the UK market leader in this field as a result.


Waterkracht Models

Effective, Efficient & Ecological


Hot water is one of the most effective natural transmitters of thermal energy and all our system’s are optimised as a result of our unique Boiling Hot water Technique® to deliver a low pressure 98°C impact with weeds destroying the cellular structure of the plant and roots.


An independent trial conducted by the German Armed Forces found that hot water was at least three times more efficient to operate in terms of whole life cost than hot foam and half of the cost of mechanical means.


The University of Copenhagen conducted an independent experiment by Dr. Palle Kristoffersen which concluded that hot water required the least number of treatments (3 per year over a 2 year cycle) and resulted in the least amount of regrowth and weed coverage against all other alternatives.


The University of Ghent’s trial carried out by Dr. Ir B. De Cauwe found that hot water has the highest thermal conductivity and heat capacity which meant it delivered the greatest kill ratio compared to others tested. “The hot water system can be applied accurately and the heat penetrates the root of the weed, killing it in a way that has no negative impact on our water, environment, staff or wildlife.”


  • Kill weeds with 100% hot water (no costly foam or chemical additives)
  • Delivers an efficient low-pressure treatment accurately at 98°C
  • Destroys the cellular structure of the weed (no resistant weeds)
  • Kills the root completely in just 3-4 treatments on average (very effective)
  • Moss, algae and crassula can be wiped out in a single treatment
  • Sterilises seeds


  • Lowest cost of ownership and application
  • One sustainable solution for several hot and/or high-pressure water applications
  • Precise spot treatment (a very effective non-selective)
  • No specialist chemical training or protective spraying clothing required
  • Unlimited use – effective in wind and rain without risk of drift (unlike foam or herbicide)
  • Improves public perception and environmental credentials
  • No risk of contamination (no chemicals or oily foam additives used to kill weeds)
  • No hazardous leftover residue (no unsightly, slippery foam left behind)
  • Eliminates risks associated with chemical poisoning incidents and claims
  • Unrivalled versatility adds value to asset all year round

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