multevo 2020


Lightweight, manoeuvrable and electric


Hot water weed killing output 5 litres per minute
Approximate weed killing coverage 750-1,250m² per day
Automated weed killing temperature control 98˚C
Working water pressure for weed killing 2 bar
Working water pressure for cleaning 15 bar (adjustable)
Water tank capacity 300-1,000+ litres (subject to requirement)
Recommended transport electric vehicle, small trailer, flatbed van, pick-up truck, quad bike (can also be moved manually – integrated wheeled trolley
Power supply Electric (power source required ie: mains plug or generator) Diesel burner
Hose length X1 10 metre hose (extensions available up to 25M)
Weed wand widths 110mm, 120mm
Size 850mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 710mm (H)
Unladen weight approximately 80kg

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