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Local Authorities & Government

Multevo work with a third of all UK councils so our passion for public service drives us to help improve local authority service delivery under challenging circumstances to achieve more with less more effectively.

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Airports & Ground Handling

Multevo have helped airports from London Gatwick and Heathrow to innovate operationally through the use of specialist equipment and best practice techniques airside and landside for over a decade.

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Commercial & Distribution Centres

Large sites have an inevitable requirement for logistical transportation, increased traffic and footfall that require continuous maintenance of external infrastructure.

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Term Maintenance Contractors

Multevo help minimise disruption on local and strategic infrastructure networks to deliver performance driven objectives to contractors and clients across the UK.

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Wildlife, education & leisure facilities

Schools and playgrounds as well as nature reserves, conversation areas and camping sites all attract the public and have a greater need for safe and sustainable services that is our speciality.

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