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CVU, London Highways Alliance Contract (LoHAC) for Transport for London

Multihog CX selected for London’s Cycle Superhighways

CVU choose the Multihog CX with De-icer and Snow Plough attachments to keep the Capital cycling through winter

CVU is a joint venture between Colas, VolkerHighways and AECOM, delivering the Central London Highways Alliance Contract (LoHAC) for Transport for London.

As part of the contract, CVU are responsible for providing an integrated highways service including traditional highways maintenance services, emergency response, inspections, design services and the delivery of capital investment and asset renewal schemes.

Upon completion of Transport for London’s new cycle superhighway routes, CVU were given the responsibility of maintaining a 60km stretch of the superhighway network, which includes the winter maintenance aspect.

Initially CVU looked to utilise existing equipment by adding a tow behind 350l de-icer tank to one of their compact street sweepers. It was clear this would not provide a long-term solution given issues with manoeuvrability of the equipment and restrictions with the capacity of the de-icer, which required refilling two to three times during the shift.

Filling the gap

Last year Multihog UK launched a new ultra-compact Multihog machine range, the CX, designed to operate in a similar fashion to traditional machines with the ability to accept a host of easily interchangeable attachments and to self-drive to sites at 40km/h.

The new machines’ width (from 1150mm) allows easy access through entrance points onto the cycle superhighway, which has bollard widths from 1300mm to minimise vehicle access.

When looking at the Multihog’s winter capabilities, the CX’s impressive gross vehicle weight of 4000kg and rear axle capacity of 2500kg allows the machine to be mounted with a stainless steel 1000l de-icer attachment which is in-cab controlled, allowing regulated and precise spread rates. Likewise, with the attachment directly mounted to the rear of the Multihog, there would be no manoeuvrability issues previously posed by the tow behind setup.

Coupled with a hydraulically sprung, front demountable, left and right tilt snow plough; the CX will allow CVU to carry out efficient clearing, with the ability to be fitted to the unit in a couple of minutes. The spring-loaded snow plough offers added protection to the machine and operator by allowing for deflection over iron works, cats eyes and other obstacles, whilst the operator is aided by 360-degree visibility at all times.

Classified as an agricultural tractor and offering four wheel drive as standard, the CX overcomes the majority of legislative or operational constraints with working on footway and cycleway networks.

Adding value

CVU are now exploring additional opportunities for their machine, which will allow it to be utilised all year round. The team are looking to utilise the de-icer for the watering of flower beds along the cycle superhighway during the milder months, whilst opportunities for using the machine for cleansing, forestry and mowing applications are being explored.

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