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Brush Bucket Lifter

The bespoke and extremely durable brush bucket lifter enables the Multihog to swiftly sweep, collect and tip into waiting wagons or skips and works well in conjunction with the road planer attachment.

Brush Bucket Lifter

The Multihog brush bucket lifter attachment can effectively replace the requirement and cost associated with an additional specialist sweeper machine on typical planing operations to reduce overheads by towing the attachment to site with the front road planer already attached.

The attachment is robustly designed to sweep heavy duty materials, such as milled asphalt, whilst an optional dust suppression system can be integrated to feed water to the bristles and the mast allows for the collector bucket to be raised and tipped into a skip or loading vehicle.



Lifting height 2300mm
Brush width 1200mm (variable)
Collector bucket capacity 350kg (variable)
Dust suppression integration Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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