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Street Vacuum

The street vacuum enables your Multihog operator to vacuum dirt and detritus with the touch of the joystick from the comfort of the machine in an ultra efficient, clean and low noise operation.

Street Vacuum

The innovative de-mountable street vacuum attachment allows the Multihog operator to accurately vacuum rubbish and waste from the comfort of the machine cab without any manual handling what so ever – even tight access areas.

The 205mm vacuum hose has a 2300mm reach and can hydraulically angle 150 degrees whilst the high tip feature can direct waste from the rear hopper at a height of up to 1775mm into a skip, trailer or loading vehicle.


Reach from center 2300mm
Reach angle 150 degrees
Rear hopper capacity 1.1 cubic meters
Superior suction power 8500 cubic meters per hour
Low engine speed operation 1200 rpm
Rear collector tipping height 1775mm
Suction hose diameter 205mm
Ultra efficient air filter 10 micron exhaust (only expels clean air)
In-cab joystick control Yes
De-mountable system Yes
Dust Suppression system Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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