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Road marking removal planer

The Multihog fine milling planer can be used to remove paint lines, road markings and rubber from the road surface as well as for re-texturing applications.

Road marking removal planer

The Multihog’s fine milling planer can be used for specialist surface removal tasks such as rubber removal in addition to road marking and paint line removal as well as surface re-texturing to bring back skid resistance.

The fine milling drum extremely accurate milling depth adjustment at 0.25mm increments with 6 drum wheels with center line sensing on 4 to ensure accuracy according to ground level.


Fine milling drum width 400 (variable)
Level adjustment facility Yes
Adjustment increments 0.25mm
Lacing pattern 2.5mm
Drum wheels 6 (4 centrer line sensing)

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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