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Rotary mower 3400mm

The 3400mm front mounted rotary mowers provide a fast and effective clean cut aided by the Multihog's superior drive.

Rotary mower 3400mm

The 3400mm rotary mower produces 3 mowing widths in 1 as a result of the downwing floatation whilst the cutting productivity is fast and effective as a result of the superior drive and powerful hydraulics which guarantee a quality finish.

Mowing is made easy on steep and uneven surfaces due to the Multihog’s low centre of gravity and advanced ‘sure drive’ offering advanced stability.


Rotary mower widths 3400mm
Adjustable cutting heights 12-150mm
Full width rollers Yes
In-can control Yes
Hydraulically retractable side wings Yes (where applicable)
Front mounted mower Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model



The rotary mower is suitable for a diverse range of grass mowing operations from race course and cricket fields to well-groomed sports fields as well as more heavy duty areas.

Consistent cut

The rotary mower features an innovative four point pivot system that ensures constant contact with the undulating ground for a high quality cut. As such, the cutting height can also be adjusted from 10mm to 150mm. The Multihog's integrated float also ensures the attachments stays in contact with the grassy ground naturally.


The front mounted setup allows the machine to effectively mow the grass before coming into contact with the machine’s wheels for faster and cleaner cut.

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