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Snow blowers

The Multihog's snow blower is capable of shifting 500 tonnes of snow per hour and is a much more cost-effective alternative to dedicated vehicles.

Snow blowers

Whereas many dedicated snow blowers can be expensive and rarely used, the Multihog provides you with a cost-effective and reliable alternative in addition to the machine’s other uses. Ensuring you get value for money with a quality product that delivers outstanding results.


Overall working width 1200-2200mm
snow blower cylinder diameter 650mm
Throwing wheel diameter 700mm
Total clearing depth 940mm
Two stage rotary snow plough and thrower Yes
In-cab control Yes
Front mounted Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model



This extremely heavy duty attachment can clear even the deepest of snow with ease in the harshest conditions. The robust design and powerful performance means that clearance of up to 500 tonnes per hour is easily achievable


The hydraulically operated chute enables you to distribute snow in a safe and effective manner to either side of the Multihog, such as to neighbouring fields or a loading vehicle for example.


The entire snow throwing process is controlled from within the warm and comfortable cab and the front mounted attachment allows for greater visibility and performance which is essential in difficult conditions such as heavy snow fall to avoid collisions.

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