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Solar Panel Cleaner

Take the pressure off maintaining large solar farms with the new Multihog sunbrush attachment. Featuring wet and dry cleaning modes for a cost effective solution.

Solar Panel Cleaner

The front mounted solar panel cleaning arm is a versatile attachment ideal for maintaining large solar farms. Combined with the Multihog tractor, users can achieve an impressive output of 7000m2 per hour.

Consistent cleaning is achieved by self-regulating brush pressure modules and washtronic system which ensures automatic level compensation on uneven grounds. In addition, the attachment can be fitted with an optional diagnostic kit which identifies defects, breakdowns and changes in quality of solar modules.


Output 7000m2 per hour
Swivel Angle 180 degrees
Brush Size Up to 6.5m
Cleaning Modes Dry, Wet, Warm Water

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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