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Rear Street Sweeper

This rear de-mountable attachment works in tandem with the front mounted road planer allowing for one man and machine to effectively travel, plane, sweep and tip milled asphalt.

Rear Street Sweeper

This combination of a front mounted road planer and rear attached street sweeper makes the Multihog one hungry hog to tackle road planing whilst simultaneously sweeping milled asphalt using the rear suction brushes, before finally tipping the asphalt into a loading vehicle, safe site or skip.

The high power suction system of up to 7800m3 /h (4591 cmf) is controlled by in-cab joy stick junctionality and can be used in combination with the front mounted sweeper brushes or the manually operated wander hose for areas only reachable on foot.


Rear hopper capacity 1 cubic meter
Integrated water tank capacity 200 litres
Dual brush sweeper width 1800mm
Manually operated wander hose Yes
Suction fan power 8000 cubic meters per hour
In-cab joystick control Yes
De-mountable system Yes
Dust Suppression system Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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