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Weed brushes

The weed brush is a very quick and effective method for removing overgrown weed growth and detritus from pavements, paved areas and hard standing to reclaim the road.

Weed brushes

Efficient operation ensured, with attachment rotation and swivel functions all in-cab controlled, with this ease of configuration improving the number of meters that can be brushed and cut each day.

Because the brush and blade can be configured from inside the cabin, the machine is able to trim most grass verges and brush most surfaces, with opportunity to fully withdraw the blade allowing only brushing to be carried out.


Weed brush width 2300mm
Weed brush diameter 900mm
Blade diameter 450mm
Attachment weight 260kg
In-cab control Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model



Unlike many weed control machines, the Weed Brush doesn't use toxic substances to treat weeds, allowing safe and sustainable weed control to be carried out, with brush diameter used ensuring surface damage is minimised

Clean finish

The brush and blade combination produces a clean finish removing weed growth, moss and dirt from the hard surface whilst the blade can cut between the kerb and vegetation to produce a slick finish and prevent regrowth.

Safe and speedy

Because the brush and blade can be configured from inside the cabin the entire operation is much safer, especially when working alongside busy roads and eliminates the need for slower hand held tools as well as eradicating HAVS.

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