multevo 2020


Multevo mark the festive period with a look back at 2021, celebrating new faces and new customers as well as exciting milestones and supporting local communities.

The past 12 months have seen significant growth for the award-winning Multihog sole UK distributor and highways, civils, and vegetation maintenance contractor. In this festive animation Santa takes you on a journey through the last 12 months of Multevo, highlighting major achievements and celebrating success.

Significant milestones within the animation include Multevo’s appointment to the Shropshire Highways Alliance (formed by Kier Highways and Shropshire Council). Multevo support the alliance with a range of services from permanent patch repairs utilising the innovative Multihog, to surfacing schemes as well as delivering in-house traffic management. The success of the partnership has seen the backlog of road repairs being beaten with over 70,000m2 of repairs completed since March 2021.

As well as this, Multevo surpassed the 100 employees mark this year including the appointment of Luke Dean – Civil Engineering Contracts Manager, which allowed the business to evolve into a multifaceted one-stop-shop maintenance provider with the ability to self-deliver a vast range of highways and civil engineering services.

Other highlights include the steps Multevo have taken to become a more sustainable contractor through digital innovations and the development of low emission highway maintenance equipment.

The video has a key focus on the social value initiatives Multevo have participated in over the course of 2021, including the “Get Set” Supported Internship Programme in which Multevo provided an 8-week paid internship for a student with learning difficulties, to provide them with practical work-based experience to support them into future employment.

Multevo are looking forward to what 2022 has in store and would like to take the opportunity to thank all customers, employees, and supply chain partners.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Multevo!


Digital innovation and dual-fuel hydrogen technology aids the nationwide contractor to deliver a low carbon service

Multevo work with local authorities and tier-one contractors to deliver highways, civils, and vegetation maintenance as well as traffic management as a reliable, sustainable and ethical one-stop-shop.

Since 2010 the company has been the exclusive UK distributor for the Multihog range of multi-purpose compact tractors and sweepers with a hire fleet of over 55 machines.

Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing & Growth explains why he believes Multevo have been well placed to implement low carbon initiatives early on:

“Because of the nature of working with an innovative multi-purpose machine, our ethos has always been to identify better ways or working by utilising less equipment more effectively which has helped us progress our sustainability agenda into our service offering. We are experienced in using one machine for several applications on site and this has helped strengthen our approach.”

The Multihog accepts different attachments to the front and rear which can be changed over in under two minutes allowing the kit to be utilised for a diverse range of tasks quickly.

Multevo operates the machines with much success on the strategic network arriving within a closure with a range of attachments to undertake verge and barrier mowing as well as edging or siding out in addition to heavy duty mulching or arb applications.

Most of Multevo’s Multihogs operate on the local highways network for carriageway and footway repairs utilising the proven planer attachment whilst many council customers also use the machines for winter resilience or flood water pumping to name but a few other functions.

The growth aspirations of the company are built around continuous innovation with has led to the development of a new dual-fuel hydrogen and diesel technology system that can be applied to the Multihogs to further reduce their impact on the environment as Josh continues:

“Whilst using a multi-purpose tool helps to deliver significant advantages from an efficiency point of view, we identified early on that our machines are typically engaged 75% of the time whilst on site compared to 30% as an industry average for plant. By integrating our dual-fuel technology onto the existing Multihog chassis we have now been able to displace diesel consumption by 40% which is another huge step in achieving improved sustainability in our operations.”

In addition to fleet fuel-efficiency optimisation through cutting edge technology, Multevo have also been a paper-free contractor since 2018 through the development of their own App which has greatly reduced their carbon footprint.

When Multevo setup a contracting division five years ago, their aim was to be an exemplar in the industry and embracing digital innovation has allowed the business to streamline its processes to manage quality, safety, productivity, and the efficiency of their operations.

The Multevo App provides a transparent audit trail for Multevo’s customers, recording critical information such as road repair outputs and quality, HAVS exposure, pre-use checks as well as HSEQ audits and accident statistics. The information is then fed into a real-time custom report dashboard which can be accessed by management and customers at all times.

Multevo’s Head of Compliance and Sustainability, Stuart Allen comments:

“The App enables us to continue to maximise our service through digital innovation, that delivers smarter, more efficient working on the frontline and data analytics that allow us to make better more informed decisions, so we can concentrate our resources on what matters most – bringing added value to our customers.”

Multevo welcome new HSE Manager to the team

Multevo has appointed Jonathan Wood as Health, Safety and Environment Manager to drive HSE innovations across the business.

Multevo are a nationwide highway, vegetation and civil engineering maintenance partner and are the sole UK distributor of the innovative Multihog product range.

Jonathan Wood started his journey in Health and Safety back in 2015, supporting several sectors and working for RoSPA, an industry recognised charity whose aim is to prevent accidents from occurring across the UK.

Having completed his NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work qualification as well as is NVQ Level 5 in Occupational Health, Jonathan is now working towards his chartered status, highlighting his motivation to maintain high safety standards within Multevo’s operations.

Responsible for the overall management of Health, Safety and Environment, Jonathan is looking forward to developing Multevo’s management systems to allow the business to obtain ISO14001 as well as ISO45001 certifications.

Over the years Multevo have implemented innovative processes including the development of their own bespoke App used to digitise and streamline many health and safety processes including auditing, vehicle compliance checks as well as reporting near misses and accidents. Jonathan will play a key role in shaping the future of the Multevo App, working alongside our compliance team to enhance on the way HSE information is collected and reported.

Commenting on his appointment, Jonathan Wood explains:

“It’s fantastic to be working for a forward-thinking organisation; when it comes to health and safety, Multevo are always looking at new and innovative ways of implementing health and safety provisions across the business. I’ve already witnessed first-hand how our highways operatives out on the road conduct themselves to ensure customers receive the highest standards of health, safety and quality.”

Multevo are sure that Jonathan’s knowledge and experience will have a great impact on exceeding the existing high HSE standards and processes that are already embedded into Multevo’s ethos.

Swansea selects second Multihog solution based on road repair success

The City and County of Swansea Council has selected a second Multihog machine to self-deliver permanent patch repairs after their first Multihog massively improved operational efficiency and productivity.

The Multihog and planer attachment has fast become the UK’s chosen method for permanently repairing various sized potholes, patches, and defects due to its productive outputs, safety benefits and operational performance.

Swansea first opted for Multihog back in 2017, complete with 400mm wide planer attachment, dust suppression and brush bucket lifter, enabling the Council to carry out permanent and high-quality repairs across the county as Tony Oates, Highways Project Engineer explains:

“The Multihog has proven to be a tried and tested solution for The City and County of Swansea Council’s teams to improve our service delivery whilst working to tight financial budgets and other local authority constraints.

Our operators find the machines easy to use, comfortable to drive and safer by eradicating hand-arm-vibration-exposure to our teams.

The Multihog has exceptionally high planing performance to get the job done efficiently with complete control over the required quantity of material to eliminate wastage and save costs.”

Since then, the Council has already seen daily road repair outputs more than double in comparison to previous traditional methods used. Their second Multihog will now enable them to achieve over 200m² of repairs per day, greatly benefiting the local network and road users whilst keeping down costs.

This compact and powerful one machine solution can travel to site itself without the need for additional transportation vehicles whilst the machine can also plane and sweep defective sites in a single visit for fix-first-time approach.

Multihog Brush Bucket Lifter

The machine’s dust suppression system features a 250-litre water tank siting to the rear of the machine which feeds water to the planer and sweeper attachments eliminating dust exposure to operatives and the public.

The entire operation is simply controlled from the comfort of the cab, including planer depth control, side-shift, and tilt to produce an accurate and even finish. The machines articulated design allows for an effective crosscut to reduce the need for hand tools and eliminate HAVS whilst producing a straight edge.

The Multihog is unique because of its ability to accept a diverse range of over 40 different attachments for winter maintenance, vegetation clearance and highways applications, which can be integrated within a couple of minutes without the need for any mechanical tools.

Multevo, who sell, hire and service the equipment, have been the exclusive UK Distributor for the Multihog range since 2010 and has seen the success of the machine first-hand as Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing and Growth explains:

“We can call around 40% of local authorities our customers because there is no more proven planer solution for pothole and patch repairs out there. We use the kit ourselves to deliver a permanent patching service for this reason and this is why our hire fleet has grown to over 55 machines with a further 10 on order from the factory to keep up with growing demand.”

To learn more about the Multihog please contact Multevo on 01254 703 212 or email

Multihog CV Sweeper approved for the use of HVO fuels

The Multihog CV Sweeper is approved for the use of HVO fuels, a term used to describe renewable diesel fuels that can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Multevo are the sole UK distributor of the Multihog range of multi-purpose articulated maintenance machines. The Multihog has helped around 40% of all UK local authorities reduce overheads whilst maximising service delivery by selecting one versatile machine to tackle several different operations.

The Multihog CV Sweeper is a multi-purpose 3.5 tonne compact sweeper, renowned for its outstanding suction performance and ability to support with additional municipal maintenance duties such as scrubbing, salt spreading and de-icing as well as snow ploughing and grass cutting.

With decarbonisation of fleet high on the agenda for councils nationwide, the Multihog CV Sweeper’s Stage V Hatz diesel engine can be ran using the environmentally friendly fuel without the need to make alterations to the engine due to its diesel-like properties.

HVO fuel is made from 100% renewable materials such as cooking oils and vegetable oils and is the cleanest alternative to fossil diesel currently available on the market, significantly reducing carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Multevo are positive that this development will provide customers with a quick and sustainable solution to street cleansing operations without high investment costs. There is no compromise on operational performance meaning customers will still benefit from the machines high suction performance, unmatched manoeuvrability, and driver comfort.

To find out more about Multevo’s sustainable solutions contact 01254 703 212 or email


Multevo, the award-winning nationwide UK highways, civils, and verge maintenance partner, has developed the world’s first high performance and multi-purpose highway maintenance machine with ultra-low emissions displacing diesel by up to 40% through dual-fuel diesel/hydrogen technology.

The innovative technology is capable of undertaking arduous applications such as road planing and snow blowing as well as heavy duty flail mowing and flood water pumping by interchanging attachments within a couple of minutes without the need for any tools.

The quick and adaptable hydrostatic machine is capable of traveling at speeds of up to 40kph/h on the road whilst the unit’s high-performance hydraulics deliver up to 120 litres per minute of hydraulic output enabling it to undertake power consuming tasks with ease.

Multevo undertook a vigorous R&D programme to develop a low emission highways maintenance solution for over 18 months with early trials discounting EV technology due to the nature of the applications required on the network before partnering with hydrogen vehicle technology specialist ULEMCo Ltd, as Nick Leadley, Multevo Director explains:

“We were determined to create a solution that would bring about a reduction in emissions without being impeded by a loss of performance.

It was clear early on, electric options had too many limitations for heavy duty highways applications. Based on our investigations, during road planing operations for instance, the engine/throttle is fully engaged 75% of the time. This creates problems with existing battery technology.

The innovative H2ICED® dual-fuel system injects hydrogen into the existing diesel combustion engine to displace up to 40% of diesel fuel and make a significant contribution to CO2 savings and reduced city pollution in real world applications.”

Hydrohog grass cutting

Multevo are confident the one machine solution will enable environmentally committed councils and tier one contractors to reduce the amount of specialist plant and vehicles by replacing aging fleets with a more versatile and efficient approach to traditional highways plant.

Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing and Growth at Multevo concludes: “Councils are being tasked with doing more with less but service delivery expectations remain high; especially around pothole and patching repairs – we believe this machine can replace several vehicles, which incurs savings on maintenance and sustainability whilst actually improving operational performance against the kit it replaces.”

“This is a significant innovation for the Highways Industry which enables organisations to deliver real-time emission savings within practical highways applications to increase efficiency and productivity as a result of this unique high performance, low emission innovation.”

The equipment was designed to support the UK’s ‘Road to Zero Strategy’ which sets a target for over 50% of vehicles to be ultra-low emissions by 2030. For more information please contact Multevo.


Kier and Shropshire Council appoint Multevo to form part of the Shropshire Highways Alliance to improve service delivery across the network following a series of successful trials.

The trio’s partnership is the result of a strategic initiative undertaken between Shropshire Council and their term-maintenance contractor Kier.

A series of trials were undertaken specifically reviewing different machines and methods aimed to tackle problematic potholes to find a more permanent and cost-effective solution.

In trials, Multevo were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Multihog road planer machine through dramatic improvements of permanent road repair productivity whilst increasing efficiency.  

Andy Wilde, Head of Highways at Shropshire Council:

“We recognise the benefits that this process can bring, and we’ve certainly been very pleased with the way that the work has been delivered. The amount of work that can be done in a day is really changing things significantly for us.”

Multevo utilise the innovative Multihog machine as part of their process to permanently repair different shapes and sizes of defects in a single visit for a cost-effective square meter rate.

James Birch, Managing Director of Kier, Local Highways:

“Utilising Multevo with the Multihog is very fast, its efficient, its cost-effective, it reduces health and safety risk of HAVS exposure to our teams.

This process reduces traffic movement risk for our valued highways operatives as well as decreasing the time required on site within traffic management setups which greatly reduces network disruption for road users.

Multevo are taking the same journey as the other partners in the alliance which is important and we’re all working as one unique team to deliver the best possible service for the council and communities.”

This unique approach enables the teams to tackle both reactive and routine enhanced patching to preserve the longevity of the asset whilst reducing disruption to road users.

Permanent first-time-fix repair rates have already soared to around 150m² per day and based on these achievements the number of teams have trebled to three in total deployed in different areas. This means an impressive average of 9,000m² could be now completed each month.

Multevo are a forward-thinking multi-faceted firm which also supports the Shropshire Highways Alliance with larger surfacing schemes as well as civil engineering projects.

Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing & Growth at Multevo explains their approach to collaboration:

“The Multevo method means assisting customers in all areas whilst working towards the same goals. We do this by undertaking site surveys, raising permits, programming works and recording quality, safety and productivity in real time through the use of technology, the Multevo App. We are very proud to be able to work as part of the Shropshire Highways Alliance to bring about significant advantages to the network and people who use it.”


The Get Set Supported Internship Programme by Blackburn College provides valuable paid work experience for individuals with learning difficulties to support them into future employment and has been supported by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, LCRIG and most recently, Multevo.

As a socially responsible SME, it was a no brainer for Multevo to participate in the local initiative and back in April 2021 they welcomed Sophie Kellet on board for an 8-week paid internship within their marketing department.

Sophie was tasked with completing various marketing related projects including market research, graphic design, article writing and videography to provide her with a new skillset in something she had not yet explored as a career path.

Research projects included investigating Safer Highway’s Stamp It Out Campaign, which aims to end roadworker abuse and is an initiative that Multevo are avid supporters of as members of Safer Highways. Part of this task also involved identifying internal campaigns that Multevo could run to support their highways heroes wellbeing; Sophie created a visual poster in relation to men’s mental health to be shared directly with operatives via the Multevo App.

“Sophie has come on in leaps and bounds working with Multevo, discovering new skills, understanding some of the tasks and roles within a marketing department. I’d even go as far as saying Multevo are one of the best employers I have worked with in 15 years.” – Gabby Houlihan, Supported Internship Coordinator, Blackburn College.

One task Sophie was assigned with was to write her own news article on her journey on the Get Set Internship Programme with Multevo so others can understand and get involved too, which can be read below:

This is my Journey on how I joined Multevo – by Sophie Kellett

Who am I and what is Get Set, you ask?

Hey, I’m Sophie Kellett and I’m currently on an internship working with the marketing side of Multevo. I wouldn’t have been able to do this internship without the help of Get Set. Get Set is a supported internship course to get young people with learning disabilities in work placements. On Get Set you learn a variety of different skills, such as social skills, work skills, teamwork and we even had a course where we learnt how to cook. Whilst on Get Set we go to a variety of different places for work experience, so it gives us a sense of what a job is and it helps us learn more new skills. Get Set is a great course to help students build up their confidence and gain new skills and I’m very much grateful that I took the course. After Get Set, I was sent to work with LCRIG which a company that works on the highways and I learnt a variety of different things, but it’s quite different to Multevo, such as with LCRIG I was given task that would suit me for what I wanted to do in the future. Where as Multevo are showing me the ropes of Marketing, so even though I’ve done task on mental health, they’ve made it, so I get the taste of a different job, which has been just as fun.

What have I learnt from Multevo

I understand that Multevo is a company that hires and sells multihog machines, they can perform many functions because of the various amounts of attachments that can fit on the machine, this is handy because it can be changed so it suits the jobs that need doing correctly. I also know that Multevo can hire out their workers to contract working on the machines, so Multevo men are always busy working away. Multevo, also carry out repairs on roads and potholes, which also keep the Multevo men busy! I’ve learned how to research properly and how to question it, to see what’s different, I did this when looking at different mental health charities. I’ve learnt how to use Canva, which I must say is quite cool, I got to use this when making my mental health poster. I’ve got a real taste of what marketing is about and I’ve even learnt how the weed control works as well. I have a few more weeks working with Multevo, so I’m very much looking forward to learning more things.

What do I want for my future?

I know that I want to help people, ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to help people. I’d like to work along the lines of mental health as I think I’d be quite good in working in that department. However, from doing different things, I’m not sure what I want to do. I suppose its great that I’m doing an internship because it’s giving me a chance to try new things and learn new skills.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very much enjoying the journey that I am on, it’s giving me the chance to try something new and giving me new options of what I could possibly do in the future.

Multevo are now urging other organisations to get involved by providing work placements for individuals who are currently working through the programme. For further information on how to get involved please contact Gabby Houlihan on 01254 292 467.

Join Our Team: Latest Available Positions at Multevo

Multevo are currently recruiting for various roles within the highways, civils, and verge maintenance sectors.

Due to continuous growth multiple vacancies are available for immediate starts:

Highway Maintenance Operatives / Drivers

To support service delivery nationwide, Multevo are looking for candidates to join their existing highway maintenance teams, from carrying out pothole and patching repairs to sweeper and hot box drivers as well as minor civils works.


  • North West
  • West Midlands
  • East Midlands

What we are looking for:

  • Experience in Highways Maintenance
  • Experience in asphalt – hand lay or machine lay
  • Experience lifting ironworks
  • Experience replacing or renewing kerbs & flags

Ideal skills you should have:

  • Abrasive Wheels & Manual Handling
  • Ride on Roller
  • Class 2 or Class 1 Driver’s Licence
  • CAT & Genny

Verge Maintenance Operatives / Drivers

Multevo maintain verges on the high-speed network across the North West where best practice and safety is essential. The right candidate will predominantly be supporting with transporting equipment to and from site whilst providing additional support with strimming and other verge maintenance duties.


  • North West

What we are looking for:

  • Experience in landscaping and/or grounds care maintenance
  • Experience in wagon driving/transporting equipment
  • Available for night shift work

Ideal skills you should have:

  • CSCS
  • Class 2 or Class 1 Driver’s Licence
  • Strimmer ticket

Immediate start dates are available with competitive packages to match your skills and experience. To apply for any of the above roles please email outlining which role it is you are interested in along with a copy of your CV.

Multevo Join Safer Highways

The award-wining highway maintenance contractor Multevo is the latest in a long line of companies to join Safer Highways as members.

For over a decade, Multevo has worked with local authorities and tier one contractors, to achieve shared operational outcomes and social value.

Using the versatile Multihog product range the company delivers a highways maintenance contracting service, leading on best-practice principles, and including road planing, permanent pothole and patching repairs, road markings and civils works to help the network to become safer whilst improving its condition.

Multevo have shown their dedication to health, safety, and best practise through the development of their own App used by all operatives out on the field to record quality of works. The App also provides a transparent audit trail of compliance checks as well as health and safety related processes such as near misses, non-conformances and accident reporting.

The Multihog has now helped over a third of all UK local authorities save money whilst maximising service delivery by selecting one versatile machine to tackle several different highway maintenance operations. The machine’s planer attachment is renowned to productively plane asphalt, cement and other hard surfaces consistently with precision. This is because the Multihog method for road repairs maximises productivity, efficiency and safety to reduce costs whilst improving permanent repair outputs.

Multevo own the world’s largest hire fleet of Multihogs since launching the product in the UK in 2010, which also makes them the most experienced operator anywhere in the world. Multevo is Constructionline Gold and National Highways Sector Scheme accredited and already play an active role as members of the Road Surface Treatment Association and Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG).

Talking about joining Safer Highways, Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing & Growth at Multevo said: “Multevo has been engaged with Safer Highways for a number of years now and there is so much synergy we felt the time was right to commit to membership. Being in the unique position of being a distributor and contractor-safety in all aspects is essential for us. Since we established a service delivery model our mantra has been to be an exemplar in the industry leading on best practice. As an SME that now employs close to 100 highways operatives on the network each day this is one of many initiatives we want to be a part of to protect our highways heroes well-being.”

Multevo recently supported a paid intern from the Get Set Programme, which is aimed at supporting disadvantaged young people find employment opportunities.

Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways said: “I am delighted to see Multevo join a long list of highway companies that have become members since the start of 2021. Multevo is an awarding winning company that places health and safety at the heart of its work. Whether its maintenance or any other work or our local or national networks, keeping the people we put to work safe and looking after their health and wellbeing is fundamental to a successful industry and its great to see so may companies support our work in driving the latest thinking and best practice.”

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