Kier and Shropshire Council


Kier and Shropshire Council appoint Multevo to form part of the Shropshire Highways Alliance to improve service delivery across the network following a series of successful trials.

The trio’s partnership is the result of a strategic initiative undertaken between Shropshire Council and their term-maintenance contractor Kier.

A series of trials were undertaken specifically reviewing different machines and methods aimed to tackle problematic potholes to find a more permanent and cost-effective solution.

In trials, Multevo were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Multihog road planer machine through dramatic improvements of permanent road repair productivity whilst increasing efficiency.  

Andy Wilde, Head of Highways at Shropshire Council:

“We recognise the benefits that this process can bring, and we’ve certainly been very pleased with the way that the work has been delivered. The amount of work that can be done in a day is really changing things significantly for us.”

Multevo utilise the innovative Multihog machine as part of their process to permanently repair different shapes and sizes of defects in a single visit for a cost-effective square meter rate.

James Birch, Managing Director of Kier, Local Highways:

“Utilising Multevo with the Multihog is very fast, its efficient, its cost-effective, it reduces health and safety risk of HAVS exposure to our teams.

This process reduces traffic movement risk for our valued highways operatives as well as decreasing the time required on site within traffic management setups which greatly reduces network disruption for road users.

Multevo are taking the same journey as the other partners in the alliance which is important and we’re all working as one unique team to deliver the best possible service for the council and communities.”

This unique approach enables the teams to tackle both reactive and routine enhanced patching to preserve the longevity of the asset whilst reducing disruption to road users.

Permanent first-time-fix repair rates have already soared to around 150m² per day and based on these achievements the number of teams have trebled to three in total deployed in different areas. This means an impressive average of 9,000m² could be now completed each month.

Multevo are a forward-thinking multi-faceted firm which also supports the Shropshire Highways Alliance with larger surfacing schemes as well as civil engineering projects.

Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing & Growth at Multevo explains their approach to collaboration:

“The Multevo method means assisting customers in all areas whilst working towards the same goals. We do this by undertaking site surveys, raising permits, programming works and recording quality, safety and productivity in real time through the use of technology, the Multevo App. We are very proud to be able to work as part of the Shropshire Highways Alliance to bring about significant advantages to the network and people who use it.”

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