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Hot Water Weed Control Operator Training

Assessment Type
Practical assessment and written questioning
Delivery Method
Classroom, Practical & Assessment
Half Day (4 hours)
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The LANTRA accredited Multevo Hot Water Weed Control training programme has been designed to give the operators the basic practical skills and associated knowledge required to effectively & safely operate the Hot

Water Weed Control equipment. The training programme also gives the operator awareness of the potential risks and hazards associated when operating associated with the equipment in the working environment.

Overview in brief

Hot water is one of the most effective natural transmitters of thermal energy and all our systems are optimised as a result of our unique Boiling Hot water Technique® to deliver a low pressure 98°C impact with weeds destroying the cellular structure of the plant and roots. Our Operator training programme accredited by LANTRA covers the theoretical aspects of the safe operation of the equipment as well as all the practical aspects. The half day course can accommodate up to 6 trainees and can be carried out anywhere within the UK. A classroom environment for the theoretical presentation and the operational HWWC equipment in an outdoor environment are required.

The finer details

The HWWC training programme is split into 2 sections, both lasting for approximately 2 hours per session (dependent on the ability of the trainees). In the first session the attendees will be made aware of

  • the relevant Health & Safety legislation surrounding the use of the HWWC equipment,
  • understand their responsibilities & the responsibilities of the employer
  • walked through the safest & most efficient way to operate the equipment
  • complete a short theory test to demonstrate their understanding on the safe operation of the equipment

During the second half of the programme the trainees will be given the opportunity to gain a small amount of experience and given time to familiarise themselves with the practical operational aspects and putting into practice some of the aspects which they learnt in the classroom.

  • & The applications of the HWWC equipment under normal working conditions, covering simple tasks of all the equipment operations
  • Experiencing the equipment controls
  • Instruction as to the daily care of vehicle.
  • Gaining a small amount of experience into the best usage of the HWWC equipment

Who should attend?

Anyone who is required to operate the Multevo Hot Water Weed Control equipment.

What will be covered?

Our representative who delivers the programme are fully qualified instructor who has been accredited by LANTRA to deliver the training. On conclusion of the training we would expect the trainees to

  • Safely & effectively be able to Operate the Hot Water Weed Control equipment
  • Fully understand their Health & Safety responsibilities with respect to the operating of the HWWC equipment.

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