Traffic Management

As a National Highway Sector Scheme 12 certified contractor, we deliver a full service from raising of permits, CAD design, bespoke signage manufacture and implementation of a variety of temporary traffic management provisions.


We self-deliver a versatile range of temporary traffic management services on both the local and high-speed network, including temporary traffic lights, stop and go systems, road closures, low speed lane closures, convoy works and give and take systems.

Multevo have a range of in-house expertise including CAD Technicians, Traffic Management Supervisors and Traffic Management Operatives. Our self-delivery model gives us greater control over health, safety, environment, and quality allowing us to work closely with our partners to exceed expectations.


Health and safety is at the forefront of our operation and through the use of the Multevo App we’re able to provide real-time data on near misses, audits and traffic management set up complete with pictorial evidence.

Our bespoke dashboard reporting system allows the information to be accessed at all times, providing customers with a transparent audit trail.

Traffic Management

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