multevo 2020


The Multihog's snow plough attachments provides a safe and high visibility snow clearing solution aided by in-cab hydraulic controls and the machine's articulated pivot steer accessibility.


The spring-loaded snow plough deflects the blade as it comes into contact with obstacles such as iron works or cat’s eyes to allow for safe simultaneous snow clearance.

Added resilience is assured as a result of the Multihog’s unique articulated manoeuvrability enhanced further by the in-cab hydraulic controls allowing for instant blade angling and positioning.


Snow plough working width 1100-2400mm
Swivelling working width 2100 (2400mm plough)
Spring-loaded safety system Yes
Blade build material High grade steel
Lateral floating system Yes
Hydraulic blade lift, tilt & angle Yes
Reversible wear cutting strip Yes
Hydraulic blade lift, tilt & angle 30°
In-cab joystick control Yes

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model

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