multevo 2020

Grip cutters

The grip cutter attachment allows operators to cut back into the ground to create a gully or ditch to drain water from the roadside.

Grip cutters

This high performance attachment powered by the Multihog is a fast and formidable heavy duty cutting machine with ability to tackle wet and dry ground with ease to create a simple speedy solution to allow for better drainage.

The front mounted attachment allows the operator to look ahead, in the same direction of travel, unlike rear mounted cutting equipment which forces drivers to look over their shoulder whilst moving forward.


Grip cutting head width 500mm
Cutting head reach 3000-5000mm
Cutter blades 3
Scraper blades 6
Rear 7403 sign integration Yes
In-cab hydraulic controls Yes
Front facing attachment Yes
Direction of work Left or right

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model


Safer working

Opportunity to operate with a rear 7403 safety sign, significantly offsetting support vehicle costs associated with carrying out mobile works.

Less disruption

Given the Multihog's compact size compared with traditional tractors, less road space is taken whilst carrying out works, minimising network disruption.

Ability to interchange the grip cutting head for a ditching, flail or hedgecutting head, maximising the flail arm and attachments versatility.

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