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The Multihog accepts a diverse range of different sizes of bucket sweepers. brushes and de-mountable suction sweeper attachments to transform the machine into a hungry cleaning hog.


Busy sites and streets amalgamate a serious amount of dirt and dust in a short space of time, causing operational issues, whereas other works require specialist sweeping to get the job done.

Adding a suitable sweeper attachment to your Multihog means you can utilise the unit for heavy-duty cleaning applications in addition to other attachments without the expense of additional equipment to improve efficiency.


Sweeper brush widths 1100-2700mm
Rear Vacuum hopper capacities 0.5-1.75m3 (subject to Multihog model)
Standard collector bucket capacities 430 litres (others available)
Optional Dust Suppression Yes
Hydraulic lift, tilt & angle Yes
Hydraulic waste tipping action Yes
Sweeper brush configuration Front or rear
Hand-held or hydraulically operated wander hose Yes
Maximum wander hose reach 6000mm
Interchangeable brushing systems Yes (weed ripping or gully cleaning etc.)

Attachment specs vary and are subject to selecting a specific Multihog machine model



Variable hydraulic controls enable the operator to adjust the brush power to optimise sweeping performance according to conditions. The Multihog’s lateral float and sweeper’s roller levelling systems ensure the brushes follow the contours of the ground for an effective and efficient sweep.


The articulated pivot steer design and compact chassis allows operators access to tight areas, around obstacles as well as on or off pavements or uneven ground to achieve an accurate sweep. Some brushes can be angled left or right as a result of the swivelling mechanism to provide greater control according to the job requirements.


As soon as the rear suction sweeper hopper is full the operator can hydraulically tip the waste material into a standard 7.5 tonne vehicle, dump in a safe place or even drive to site to dispose of the waste itself at up to 40km/h. Likewise, bucket sweeper attachments can also be fitted with an hydraulic mast to allow for lifting of swept materials into loading vehicles or skips.


Whereas specialist suction sweeper vehicles usually require a HGV license, the Multihog only needs a standard UK driving license to drive and sweep streets and sites.


Cost-effective winterisation is easily achieved by removing the bucket of the sweeper attachment, for instance and using it as an effective snow brush for increased versatility. Hydraulically operated polypropylene side brushes also enables the cleaning of gullies with the option of steel wire bristles for weed removal and for cleaning the side of kerb stones


Sweeper brushes and suction vacuum hosing can be placed to the front or rear of the Multihog machine, allowing for use in conjunction with other front mounted attachments such as the road planer to swiftly sweep milled asphalt simultaneously.

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